August 9, 2010

CA, the 3rd

Moving on to the weekend...the beach...and leaving...parting was such sad sorrow.  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures during the reception, so your imagination will have to suffice with images of joy, fellowship, and a blessed time spent celebrating the wedding of Ben and Tiffany.

Now for Sunday afternoon...

visiting Jamba Juice once again! (albeit the ladies hadn't that pleasure yet)

WE'RE HERE!!!! the beach, that is

our faithful travel guide, photographer, and friend

Japan was just within range...!  the start of an oceanic baseball game

the boys are back in town...or at least the beach

a Nikon least it wasn't a Canon one!

now that Ben supports a family, he's had to change his diet


those in the background provided some jump-rope music, yet the song escapes my memory


after the beach, we went off to the wharf for dinner...yet a wait time provided for some outside entertainment!

Then Monday came, and we bid those in CA adieu...

And there's our California trip!  Hope y'all enjoyed it...


Troopless Boyscout said...

So, you coming out again for presbytery?

Ashton said...

That's the plan, Lord willing!