December 18, 2007

News in the Links

So basically the continuation of the whole political post was to elaborate on how much I disliked all the Republican candidates except for one, Mike Huckabee.

And then, yesterday, while perusing through Google reader, Lo and Behold, I found this. Needless to say, I'm now surprised at the endorsements from the homeschooling community despite the fact discussed in the linked post. You've got Michael Farris, the Harris twins, and anyone else that I can't think of off the top of my head. I know the former realizes the situation but am not sure about the latter. (yeah, two endorsements justifies naming the whole homeschooling community, lol...kidding. *someone grumbles about the fallacy of composition* not all homeschoolers support Huckabee) As to my personal opinion on the issue, I don't know what to think of him now...still figuring out the pro's and con's, long term effects, etc.

HT: Trivium Pursuit

On a more humorous note, if you enjoy a look at religious satire, this will definitely tickle the funny bone. Thanks to Colin for the link. ;)

December 11, 2007


For the unidentifiable, anonymous commenter...

Finals week.

Prayers would be appreciated.

This week's list:

Synthesis paper [check]
Critical Dialogue paper [check]
Critique CD's [check]
Catch up with USH stuff [check]
Read all the theo final prep [check]
Submit student critique thingys [check]
Finish Paradise Lost [check...except for 100 or so pages. oh well.]
Try to read Samson Agonistes
Try to catch up with WestLit posting
Prep for other three finals [check]
USH Final [check!!!]
Logic Final [check...YEEHAW!!]
Theo Final [check]
Westlit Final [check :D ]

(not necessarily in that order)

All due by Friday. Now I realize why I don't write all this stuff down. *suddenly feels overwhelmed*

But God is still in control.

After this week: Christmas break here I come.

December 5, 2007


Definitions, definitions, definitions...if there's anything debate taught me, it's to define my words...

politic |ˈpäləˌtik|

(of an action) seeming sensible and judicious under the circumstances : [with infinitive ] I did not think it politic to express my reservations.
• (also politick) archaic (of a person) prudent and sagacious.

verb ( -ticked |ˈpɑlətɪkt|, -ticking |ˈpɑlətɪkɪŋ|) [ intrans. ] [often as n. ] (politicking) often derogatory
engage in political activity : news of this unseemly politicking invariably leaks into the press.

Personally, I don't think the former (adj.) definition fits in line with what I'll write about, rather the latter (verb) rings true to the point. As of late, all my essay writing requires expository writing, such as no reference to personal preference, if you will, such as including the personal pronouns: we, I, them, you, etc; therefore it's nice to have some freedom with blog posting. Not that I don't like strictly expository writing, it's just that it becomes repetitive and rather tedious after while, with making sure that every...single...sentence...has no selfishness attached.

Now that's an interesting thought. Maybe someone can correlate someday how expository writing become a more Biblical position.

Of course, the difficultly for me in writing non-expository is that I tend to steer towards rambling writing. Such as now. Moving on...

So last week, my brother and I hunted the second season, and while he hunted Thursday through Saturday, I could only make it for Thursday because, once again, of school reasons. We headed over Wednesday so that we might be able to head out nice and early Thursday morning, but, like circumstances such as these, it didn't particularly work out that way. But my focus in this post won't be about the hunting. Rather, it will be about what occurred Wednesday evening: the Republican YouTube debates.

(for those interested in seeing the youtube debates go here:

The evening started off like most others regarding the hunting season: we traveled over to Athens in two vehicles, rented a movie (or in this case bought, seeing as the business was going out of business), and then headed over to the grandparent's house. This time they actually had the movie we wanted to watch, so that was nice. Upon arrival, naturally we saw the movie...around two hours or so long, after which everyone went to bed...except me. I guess the staying-up-late-every-night affected my sleeping habits or something. ;) I flipped through the channels for about an hour or so, watching some Sci-Fi here, some 90's Nick @ Night there, until I noticed that CNN had the debates going on at around 11 or so. At first, I just skipped it, thinking that it wouldn't be worth it. But twenty minutes or so passed and finally the decision was made to watch it.

I thought it interesting that the Republican debate fell on one of the few nights I had access to satellite TV, and seeing as last time we hunted the Democrat debate (not a youtube one) aired, I guess the Lord thought it necessary I get the other side of the opinions, even though I had to stay up until one in the morning both times to hear those opinions. *cough* :D It was kinda humorous, in an abstract way, to see Clinton, Edwards, and Obama (yes, alphabetical order) verbally attack one another...otherwise known as mud-slinging. appears Descartes needs to be read...

This'll be finished next time. :D