January 19, 2009


Another couple of weeks, even more events. Unfortunately we were unable to attend this past weekend's Hymnsing/Singing seminar, but for good (?) reason! The last few days marked the end of the 2008 deer season, with the result being two dead deeries. Yes, unlike most things, we like our deer dead and not alive. ;) Other than that...a birthday/late-Christmas party...spending an evening with the Ryken's, and other general liveliness. Naturally, always more could be said, but it's been a quite the day and I'm ready for bed.

Now on to the part people enjoy best...

a party

t'was good to see family from afar once again

skeptical about...something? possibly?

bestowing words of wisdom by means of telepathy...see the concentration?

wisdom full in bloom...go for the presents!!!

wisdom solidified

the opening of Catchphrase

the blue book of [insert adjectival phrase here]

hehe...confusion occurs outside the picture frame

the sweet nectar of caribou coffee...an addict's best friend


everyday life

the last word

pondering the next move

wait for it...wait for it...wait fo...


more cuteness

another visitation

they grew about 2' overnight

silly girls...with more hiding behind the bed

productive young ladies

afar off and away, about 2 yards, a wall aim they upon

a perfect 32" x 78" doorframe results from the blast in a totally different place from the original aim

everyone wants to be last

totally seriously last

duae-familiae devotions

and I've one last picture to upload of the final farewells from the visit, but our fickle internet won't cooperate because of the snowy weather...oh well.


January 5, 2009

well now...

Good evening, dear blog of mine...it's been quite some time since I've paid any attention to you. My apologies. Just be thankful no one's terminated you. The past couple of months (has it really has been that long? ...goodness) have found me...among other things...finishing up a semester with PHC, completing the 19th Thanksgiving during my life here on this earth, attending a Sing-Along Messiah up north in Chicago, almost spending Christmas with the McDonald's because of the weather, and realizing that the semester with PHC was turning out to be my last. Concerning the last point; from a note I wrote on facebook:

"I've put this off for a little bit, wanting to write the note and not wanting to at the same time. So...I'm switching higher educational routes after this semester, from PHC to collegeplus. This has been on my heart and in my prayers for a bit, looking ahead and seeing where God's leading me with my education + future plans. My major will be economics [edit]turns out they don't have a degree in econ with cp, so it's looking like possibly accounting with an emphasis in econ?[/edit], either business economics or a dedicated economics degree, and it's much cheaper. I'll probably save around 40 grand or so compared to PHC...kinda adds an incentive to the whole picture. ;)

Now don't get me wrong...I absolutely love PHC and shall seriously miss everything surrounding it. All the experience in academics gained, friends made, situations providentially overcome in order to be where I am today...I've looked forward to attending there for about 5 years or so...but things change, and I believe this is the next step in the life God's given me...

And you never know, I may pop up for a visit sometime on the east coast. ;)

To Him be the glory and honor,

~ Ashton"

Thus, here I am. Completing my enrollment with collegeplus and excited to see where God's leading will take me in this area. Let's roll... ;)

But moving on to some pictures, which have been rather lacking as of late...so we'll try to catch up from events over the past few months...

the first '08 deer season...

the Riggenbach's graciously offered to help us process the meat

thanksgiving '08...

a holiday works perfectly to celebrate multiple birthdays at one time

original Wisconsin cheese...don't it make you jealous? and don't forget the original store-boughten grapes and apples!

when the photographer's away, other people will play

and continue playing

christmas preparation...

(other Christmas pictures on a different camera...mayhap this post to be updated at a later point with more Christmas pics)

a surprise birthday party for Jessica...

the crumbs tell all

a very looong Virginia reel set..."play it again, Jeremy!!"

the sing-along messiah...

Sing-Along Messiah

the last Sabbath of 2008...


the calm before the storm with apples to apples...you should have seen what happened after an unnamed person put down st. augustine as "hot"

an evening with the Evans'...

gearing up for a blurry game of Junglespeed

checking out Emil's new netbook

that coffee was good...'course, we won't discuss exactly how much sugar was put in mine

an evening with the Hamilton's...

more apples to apples!

a mysterious look to accompany some mysterious (i.e., weird) cards

new year's eve...

why so serious...

the last few days...

oh the things done when I'm not present

yes indeed

my poor photo library...see what has been added?!

prior watching a movie

further experimentation

kinda blurry, but too cute to pass up

...and there y'all have it! Caught up to date and ready for 2008. I know, I know...it's 2009, but it had to rhyme.

Ok, that was lame. Moving on...

Blessings to all and to all a good night!