July 26, 2010

California! part deux

Well, we are not in California!  Last Monday we returned without /too/ much hassle...that'll be explained later.  In the meanwhile, here's the period following up the previous post...

Continuing with our shopping excursion...

behold, part of the grab-your-wrist-and-turn-your-hat-upside-down club

check out that price...the produce out in CA is absolutely amazing!!

Trader Joe's!  (truly located in Modesto, CA)

making breakfast that next day (Thursday)...we had decided to leave part of the IL contingent in the valley and get the house ready for the reception

Mrs. Hector's lovely garden

power-spraying their concrete...and running out of water multiple times as a result

Thomas and I really got into the whole "let's mess up the bunkhouse" mood...then we cleaned it up ;)

the look of uncertainty isn't unjustified...the grill took twice as long to assemble than what the instructions told us!!

lately, welding has become a hobby of Mr. Hector's

last but not least, a shot of the beautiful scenery the Hectors are blessed with every morning they awake...

Next up...the weekend!

July 15, 2010


Well, we are in California!!!  The way here was rather interesting, between having our flight cancelled from Salt Lake City to Oakland, losing some of our luggage (and getting it again...praise the Lord!!), thinking we might have to stay the night in Salt Lake City (and leaving the next day for CA), thankfully getting a flight that went to Phoenix from Salt Lake City then on to Oakland...

So we arrived in CA around 10 PST...went on home (but not before getting some ice cream)...and went to bed around 1 PST...which would be 3:00 AM normal time.  Yes indeed, it was a long, but wonderful, day...

I'll let pictures speak for themselves with some commentary added...

Mrs. Sanford trying to figure out what on earth we're doing now that our flight is cancelled

finding out we had no idea where some of our luggage was located ('cause on the flight, there was no room in the overhead, so they had to check it in a temporary? fashion...something like that)

beautiful clouds high in the sky...

Phoenix encourages flight outside and inside

they look, um...so excited to see us again... *grin*

chatting with everyone back at home and drinking Jamba Juice!!! :D (and looking doofy :P )

for me Mother...In and Out! wonderful food, indeedy...

And there y'all have it!  I'm up in the mountains now with the senior Hector family having a splendid time while the rest of them are in the valley with the new Hector family...probably having a splendid time as well.  ;)

Hopefully I'll update again on Saturday...

July 8, 2010

Gearing up for traveling!

Testing out the location option...even though it's wrong...I think...the location keeps changing, lol!

Also beefing up the photo app stuff...panoramic shots, photoshop, and some filter apps. :D

Here's a shot from this evening!

(click on it to see an enlarged shot)

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July 1, 2010


Just testing out some mobile blogging...and I need to update my blog anyway. :D

We recently visited the Creation Museum near the border of three states...an absolutely wonderful time was had, beautiful weather accompanied the trip, and we even saw Ken Ham!

Emil ponders...something (small screens provide a great excuse for not knowing complete details)

a more complete view of my favorite room within the museum

the little ladies being silly and enjoying the gazebo

now the questions remain...does Emil think he's drinking a lemon frapp? or is Grace wondering why the light behind her couldn't be a tad more Narnian?

dinner at a Dutch buffet...which turned out to be largely seafood-ish...? (and some frog legs to the side...they tasted AWESOME!)

So there's a light overview of our trip...we're definitely thankful the Lord blessed Answers in Genesis with such a wonderful facility, and the Bandy's are looking forward to visiting again!

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