July 1, 2010


Just testing out some mobile blogging...and I need to update my blog anyway. :D

We recently visited the Creation Museum near the border of three states...an absolutely wonderful time was had, beautiful weather accompanied the trip, and we even saw Ken Ham!

Emil ponders...something (small screens provide a great excuse for not knowing complete details)

a more complete view of my favorite room within the museum

the little ladies being silly and enjoying the gazebo

now the questions remain...does Emil think he's drinking a lemon frapp? or is Grace wondering why the light behind her couldn't be a tad more Narnian?

dinner at a Dutch buffet...which turned out to be largely seafood-ish...? (and some frog legs to the side...they tasted AWESOME!)

So there's a light overview of our trip...we're definitely thankful the Lord blessed Answers in Genesis with such a wonderful facility, and the Bandy's are looking forward to visiting again!

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