May 25, 2008

our saturday

Another week passes, and with it came another busy, wonderful weekend. The Bandy boys (that'd be Emil and me) began their Saturday morning by taking out some concrete, but this story needs some historical background: a few years ago after the current back steps and sidewalk was poured, we had some extra concrete leftover, so we poured it off to the side thinking that'd be the best place. Fast forward to now.

slacking on the job? or waiting for the camera?

we got bored and wanted to broadcast the impending doom to the masses

i'll refrain from what i was going to say

emil's photographic capabilities come to life

Towards the part of our job where concrete is thrown into the truck, a call is attempted to make sure the load can be dropped off in town and we find out that the call can't be made (the phone was off and the mailbox full). So the above picture is how we left our concrete pile and it still remains the same to this day. Yes, it's a mess...but! It's an organized mess. Kind of.

That afternoon the plan was to attend Providence Church's monthly Hymnsing at the Evans', and, thankfully, it actually worked out for our family to attend this month! Considering the whole of the Bandy's hadn't attended a Hymnsing for about seven months or so (although I did by myself about two months ago), it was nice to attend once again and fellowship with everyone. Since everyone attending one Hymnsing didn't work out too well considering the amount of people, our church now has southern and northern places. Oh, and y'all at the northern Hymnsing missed out on homemade ice cream...

preparation beforehand while making weird middle eastern meditation noises...quite humorous

grace and i on the way there

lenna and elita candler with one of emil's puppies he's trying to sell (only $350 a pup for those of you interested)

chatting...and waiting for dinner

aha! there's the dinner

dessert time on the famous "Steps"...rumor has it that quite a few people can fit on this thing

jacob: com'on! i was posing for you! / me: what? you were?! ah...just a sec

i think faith enjoyed her ice cream

this, my dear readers, is samuel evans hat. and not just any hat, mind you. not only does it have oodles of signatures, but an apple sticker and a taylor guitars pin. those two latter items inherently make it famous

sam's photography personified in the form...of a picture

the participation of singers

Later on that evening after the singing, Sam broke out a couple of airsoft pistols so we could shoot each other. The results were rather interesting. Suffice to say that it's always...ALWAYS! a good idea to keep your mask on while playing. And the ironic thing is that just a few minutes before an incident we were discussing how convenient it would be just to wear sunglasses or something along those lines. But what about those other parts of the face that aren't protected? you ask. Exactly! Those areas are left vulnerable, including Ashton's nose...which Emil shot.

After the shooting match concluded, we all headed home...ready for bed and tired enough to justify it.

May 22, 2008

exciting news

So this afternoon Emil and I stopped by the gas station to fill up the Honda after a few days of driving here and there. I paid for the cost, got in the car, looked at the receipt, then calculated the overall gas mileage.

The result came out to be...

39 mpg

Considering the cost of a gallon of gas locally (we paid $'s hovering around $4.00 and up in Springfield...and we can't forget that the Memorial Day prices are right around the corner), this is indeed exciting news. Now only if homeschoolers could convince Toyota to build a 15-passenger Prius.

May 14, 2008

hear ye! hear ye!

I'm done. Praise God. Just submitted my last final...theology...3 hours, almost 3600 words. I can now rest in peace...

God is good...


I'm going to bed.

May 13, 2008

final days

written last night:

[...of the semester are winding down. Today around 2:15 AM I turned in my final paper for rhetoric, so I get to check that off the list of completed courses. Then right before dinner tonight I kicked off the evening by finishing US history 2, so no more historical lessons in regards to our nation for me anymore from PHC, at least with the title of US never know when they might sneak in a course like it but with a different title. The courses had their ups and downs; I enjoyed both of them overall, despite late nights, stressful assignments, and other lovely things like that I can only attribute to God's grace for completing. Now remaining: western lit 2 and theology 2.

proof of my halo, despite being rather small

in need of a shave and a drink

of writing a paper

Friday night I had the brilliant idea of caffeinating myself in order to stay up later, so I drove off to the local gas station with Dad to spend money on three Monsters. Suffice to worked, as evidenced by this morning's assignment. I drank all three, so I headed out again tonight to buy three more. Yes, it's almost twenty dollars, but I think getting a better grade in school is worth more than that.

behold, my arsenal

Oh, and the irony of it all: needing to type around 6000 words over the next few days, apparently my hand decided to move around a cast iron pan regardless of this fact. Now usually this would work out, except that Emil loves turning up the burner as high as possible when he cooks lunch with it, and a hot cast iron pan hurts. Quite a bit, in fact! Why I didn't pick up a hot pad, I've no idea. Though thankfully it wasn't my whole hand, only a finger. But hey, it sounded like a good story. *grin*]

written today:

So after completing the aforementioned history exam, I celebrated by taking pictures. I'm such a geek.

This afternoon I've the westlit final, then I'll be DONE! with that course. Tomorrow's theology, then I can put the school of spring 2008 behind me.

Praise the Lord for this past semester, despite being...rather interesting.

May 9, 2008

humor of the day

From this article
[Priya] Venkatesan said the incident occurred when she was lecturing about The Death of Nature, a book by Carolyne Merchant, and the witch trials of the Renaissance. The student went on a “diatribe” about the inappropriate nature of challenging patriarchal authority, Venkatesan said. Vakatesan respected the student’s right to express this opinion, she said, but the manner in which he vocalized his views and the applause afterward were disrespectful and offensive.

“I was horrified,” Venkatesan said. “My responsibility is not to stifle them, but when they clapped at his comment, I thought that crossed the line. … I was facing intolerance of ideas and intolerance of freedom of expression.”

Venkatesan contacted [Thomas Cormen, chair of Dartmouth’s writing program] about the event, she said, but claims she received no support from him. She canceled class because the incident caused her “intellectual and emotional distress,” she said. This event, which occurred on Feb. 1, would likely be included in a list of grievances relating to a potential lawsuit, she said.

May 7, 2008


Not to worry..."I'm not dead, yet!"

~ you'll have to guess

My life right now:



Insanity (two papers due in the next four days, almost 1000 pages...give or read by Sunday, dozens of forum posts needing done, three finals, and other things I'm currently forgetting)

Here I am in the wonderful world of college...

and all you got was this lousy post. ;)

Enjoy your week.