April 19, 2008

spring time

The weather's been quite interesting lately. Between yesterday morning's earthquake (yes, an earthquake) in southern Illinois and a torrential downpour of rain, spring is here and, unless snow comes down like it did last week, it appears to be here to stay.

And just because I like 'em, and the fact that they're the two cutest little sisters around...

April 17, 2008

an interesting video

This was just too good to pass up...

thanks to Colin for the discovery of this guy. ;)

Then here's another one...there's rumors going around that two PHC students decided to do this at a furniture store one day.

I believe they're now taking funds to prepare for this future endeavor.

April 7, 2008


Colorado is a beautiful area...God's handiwork in that state is such a testament to Himself...

not too bad for the old point-and-shoot, eh? And to think these were taken almost two years ago...so much has happened since then, I can't even begin to describe it all...ah, the life God has given us...such a blessing...

Speaking of which, I should probably cut down on the late-night snacks. Looking over at all the empty glasses, various wrappers, and that one granola bar box...college does that to you.

April 2, 2008

liberty day 2008

So as you've probably heard, the Bandy family attended Liberty Day over the weekend, in fact around 70 people were represented from Providence Church. I had the great privilege of driving into the Chicago traffic, something I enjoy doing with all the crazy and insane drivers Chicago is so known for. Let's see if there's a picture around here somewhere pertaining to the lovely traffic we endured...

Well...not exactly what I was looking for...

We arrived around 9:00 or so later that morning, and most of the day was spent listening to Dr. Marshall Foster of California. Having never heard him before, I didn't exactly know what to expect but those lack of expectations were suddenly dashed away after listening to him for a little bit. Quite simply, I was blown away. Not only a gifted speaker, but one who can carry an audience, Dr. Foster is a man equipped with a Godly vision of returning America to its roots upon which it was founded, that of understanding liberty in the correct fashion and applying it to our lives effectively. Only a remnant is needed to bring America to its knees before the Creator and, interestingly enough, applied that remnant idea to those attending Liberty Day. Hopefully the response won't be apathy...

...the response must not be apathy...

Dr. Foster during the evening session

In-between sessions the audience enjoyed various things...

a WWII demonstration during lunch

the Fiddler's Three

he who hath meditated upon these things shall be, um, intent upon the goal ahead. either that or he's wanting to sleep after the early morning

the back of Caleb's head

As the day progressed, evening came upon us and so signaled the 10th anniversary of the Liberty Day celebration.

I didn't take this and therefore claim no responsibility except for posting it ;)

our local Dracula representative

two of the young men playing an excellent duet of Yankee Doodle

four pretty young ladies

Mr. Erber

the Liberty Day radio programme

the Fiddler's Three and Erberantey's providing quite the entertainment...though no dresses this year, much to our dismay *grin*

an Erber and a McDonald, giving a speech

about to enter the dancing hall


concluding the military drill

And there you have it! Liberty Day 2008...