February 24, 2008

distance learning

What do we accomplish in our spare time?

Well now, I'm glad you asked...let me provide an answer.

February 21, 2008

lunar eclipse

The heavens declare the glory of the Lord...

Yesterday, those located in the western hemisphere were treated to a special sight: a lunar eclipse. It began around 7:45ish, continuing into the evening with the finale at 11:00 o'clock or so...don't quote me on that, I'm probably wrong. But! Despite the plague still hanging on, I braved the sub-freezing temps with a camera strapped around my neck. Initially I just stood near our dog cage/house/thing, sock-less with sandals as my standard footwear, taking a few pictures here and there. Of course, my toes and fingers began to feel the cold and I returned to the house after a little while. Seeing as it was so dark outside with the moon's light naturally waning, the pictures were a tad bit blurry (shutter speed at 1/2, for the camera-inclined). So I went back outside, took a few shots, then returned to the house. This process was done a few times, then the realization hit me. I was standing. By the dog cage/house/thing. And usually there's a stray metal pole waiting to be used as a camera stabilizer. So the next time I returned outside I employed the use of that facility with much better results for the pictures. Yet studying for a US history exam called my name around 9:00, so unfortunately I had to quit my short photoshoot, much to my personal consternation...

but to the joy of my numb toes.

ha! my camera can make another moon

In other news, today my brother and I were fitted each for a tux. Apparently the engagement bug caught my cousin and the responsibility has fallen unto the both of us to act as ushers at the wedding. The funny part is...I haven't worn a tux in 10-11 years. Yes, your math is correct. The last time I wore a tux was at the impressionable age of 8-9 years of age. Though I don't think that's when I had blonde hair...no, that was around 4-5 years old...yeah.

February 19, 2008

of speeches

So last night, with much silent fanfare and applause from my audience, I gave a speech unto the following...things.

1. That Moses doll from the Prince of Egypt movie
2. Some multi-colored turtle Beanie Baby thingy
3. A glass snowman that no longer lights up
4. And a video camera

They participated quite well during my ordeal, with little noise or interruption. Although the depressing part is that no one laughed at my ribbing towards Microsoft...ah well, such is life in the life of a Mac fan: sometimes jokes just go over the heads of those PC people and they just stare at you, wondering what the point was. *avoids the thrown tomatoes*

The basic outline of this assignment for rhetoric was to give us students a chance at revising/revisiting/correcting a speech. Being down with what we affectionately refer to as the plague, the whole thing became...hmmm... Let's just say I sounded like a cross between a sick whale and a hoarse politician at times. (don't worry, you can laugh ;) Or at least that's what I thought....you can decide for yourself.

(this wasn't the final version, btw)

February 13, 2008

Amazing Grace

...on guitar/harmonics.


February 7, 2008


In the past, I've always been a fan of the wintertime. Whether it be for the fact of being born in January, or just enjoying the temperatures without the need of sweat pouring forth, I don't really know. Yet as of late, it seems that spring time has become the favorable time of year for me. With everything seemingly dead, distraught, or plain ol' despondent during the winter, it becomes depressing viewing the lack of vibrant life outside. Given, there are natural blessings from the wintertime weather, such as the beauty of frigid icicles slowly forming along the edge of a rooftop, or snow-capped mountaintops, but those just aren't living and active. During the spring, new life is seen coming into the world...

...just as the transition of winter to spring, so our lives transform from without Christ to with Him...

February 3, 2008

the pace at which we run

From my gtalk status:

"it's good to hear Mom play piano again..."

After having such a busy year, for which 2007 probably tops the charts, it's good to start off at a relatively steady pace. With Mom being in the kitchen most of the day cooking for a million people plus one, it's such a blessing to see her just sit down at the piano playing upon the ivories like she's done in days past...

In other news, we received around 11 inches of snow the other day ago! Or at least the Springfield area did, I don't know the specifics for our place...the whole situation surrounding the weather change only could have been attested to Providence. During a time period of about nine hours on Tuesday, the weather dropped literally 52 degrees from 64*F to 12*F. Rain turned to snow, the snow drifted, drifts posed numerous problems to people, and people enjoyed playing in the snow (or at least we did ;). Today, however, the weather turned equally bizarre when sleet/snow/rain poured down with lightning strikes here, there, and everywhere. Dad already has a layer of ice on his car: around 1/3" from just sitting in the driveway. This is what we would call abnormal weather for the beginning of February.

The last time we remember weather happening like what was just mentioned?

19 years ago, the night before I was born. :P