January 29, 2007

Nearing Twilight

A puddle gathered out on the road. Wind came from the south, creating ripples across its surface. Yesterday's rain secured many a puddle on the city's streets. Some considered that rain a torrential downpour, for not in a while had their locality received so much accumulation. A few people crossed the road, cars screeching to a stop. A mother and her son flew by, not wanting to be a nuisance. However, the son noticed the puddle and an image therein.

"Mommy, what's that thing?" he asked.

His mother stopped and peered at what her son had noticed. A man sat in a chair, hovering above the traffic. The wind increased in fury around them. Her head tilted up, looking for the object. Not finding anything, she looked back down. The chair rocked, and the man fell fast. She let out a scream, frantically looking around for someone injured. A man tripped on the sidewalk and fell as well. He glanced towards them, but turned away, seemingly uninterested in the matter.

Realizing cars around them were honking, the pair walked on. Clothes shopping was their goal for the day--school started in a week, and the young man lacked appropriate attire. They weaved in and out of separate stores along the road, buying the articles of clothing they needed. In the back of her mind, she thought someone followed them throughout the day, but searching proved to no avail. If a someone actually was following them, he wouldn't want to be found, anyway. So the pair walked on.

The time nearing sunset, they both decided a meal sounded great to top the day off. A restaurant located near where they were shopping was popular among the locals and greatly recommended by those of which they inquired. After being ushered in by a waitress, both took their seats and waited.

January 22, 2007

The Welcoming

The images shifted before his eyes. From the height at which he was situated, one could easily see for miles. But upon what he stood, he knew not. Looking down meant disappointment. His head swiveled back and forth--one landscape for a brief second, followed by another. In the far distance, water splashed against the sand, wave overlapping wave. To the right, people mulled about the streets of a village. A choice few ran to and fro from house to house. Beyond these instances his sight would not reach. His brain waves suddenly spiked, realizing the importance of this situation. The comfort of an easy chair slipped beneath him. His knees crooked, and he felt himself seated. Light descended upon the chair as the sun peeked out from behind a few hovering clouds. He blinked. The light disappeared. He moved a finger up, then back down. The water rose beyond the sand and crashed against land, creating numerous rivulets everywhere as it retreated back into the sea. His brow furrowed deep. Consternation etched across his face.

Slaves toiled in a field nearby. Noticing the sudden lack of light, someone looked up from below and called the attention of a few friends to the skies. More migrated to his position and stared into the heavens. They peered closely at the figure up above, attempting to figure out the situation. An elderly personage sitting upon the porch cried out a name. Some heard him, some didn't. They continued staring, as if waiting for something. But in the city, one other noticed the same thing as those in the field and instantly knew what was happening. Pain stabbed his heart, and he fell. Those standing alongside him saw his plight and rushed to aid him. However, he only pointed weakly toward the sky, then uttered a name. His cohorts looked, and all cried out in astonishment and rage.

The chair rocked to the side, and he plummeted towards the ground.

January 20, 2007


Ahh, the tourney went great yesterday! My partner and I went 3-1 overall. (thank you Lord!) The first round was rather interesting: the neg team ran a counterplan. And in a novice debate, to boot. And for our very first round in an official debate tournament. Needless to say, Jared and I were quite caught off our guard, but thankfully we recovered quickly. Second round we ran up against a case that abolished Article V of the treaty, then the third and fourth (aff and neg, respectively, for us), the cases brought forth were practically the same thing: no more NATO expansion.

Our one loss? ...the counterplan round. So during the break, Zach Sanderson taught a few of us the basics of parametrics, and with visual effects! (go plastic bags and water bottle caps!)

And what tournament would be complete without pictures?

L-R: Jared, Amanda, Mrs. Turner, Katie

Zach, um, eating dinner

Jared and JulieAnne


Jordan...who also got 4th place speaker!

The Central Illinois Born Again Defenders (CIBAD)

January 16, 2007

Various Pictures...

...from church this past Sunday.


Samuel Evans

The famed "Telephone Charade On-Lookers"

then of course two of the charaders...Jessica McDonald and Josiah Candler with Jessica doing....something....along the lines of a chicken, I believe

Ah yes, and a very inspirational post can be found here. Multi-generational thinking, no?

January 15, 2007

Points of Hereunto and Utterly Sensible Matters

This morning while browsing for a suitable secondary lens for my D50, I came across this one...a rather nice lens at an affordable price and it seemed like most current owners are satisfied with its abilities. However, "an affordable price" for some could mean "out of price range" for others. The latter example would be myself. I also have a habit of creating tons of tabs (multiple windows within a main window) within Safari. So...leaving the tab up for the lens, I moved on to other things.

(2 hours later...)

(minimizing windows is an awesome technique, by the way)

I went back to Safari, planning to do some more camera research. After going through different websites comparing prices, reading reviews, things like that, I decided to refresh the original page. The thing was almost 15 dollars cheaper!!

It's always nice to see stuff like that happen.

Hmmmm, pictures should be posted sometime, methinks.

January 10, 2007

Thou Preparest a Table

The camera flashed, just after everyone began singing. Another year had passed, making birthday parties inevitable. All who gathered were in a circle around him - tenors, sopranos, and some altos mixed in as well.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you...

A blaze of nine candles lit before him waved to and fro, almost in a mesmerizing manner. The camera flashed again. The singing continued. But not all with the same fervor.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you...

Then a voice whispered inside, "you have to make a wish!" A wish came before his thoughts, and he started. "Whoa...where'd that one come from?" He realized the singing had finished, and he mentally shook his head, coming back to reality.

A few puffs left his lips. The flames flickered, then were quenched.

January 8, 2007

Happy Birthday...

...to me. :-D

January 4, 2007

Go Tell It On the Mountain

The urge to tell everyone grew in him. He couldn't resist, the pressure was too strong. But the fifth commandment held him, reminding him of a request. Awhile back they made sure he wouldn't tell, he wouldn't reveal the secret. And if he did give in, the results could prove disastrous. Mayhem would reign, chaos would rule over all. Nothing would stop the river of gossip, nothing. A few were told over the course of one week, but just those who would keep their secret. Those people understood, though maybe a stray thought or two entered their minds as to why the decision was made. And this decision was like no other decision the family had made in many years. Only one other time could the young man remember a decision of this magnitude impacting his family so much. But, on the surface, the daily routine ran on, just like any other day, albeit preparing for a public announcement. Little things here and there, making a phone call or scheduling a meeting.

The clock ticked away the days, the hours, the minutes until the time came when it would be shown to the world.

An unknown time, however.

No one knew, only Him. Not even their friends and family, not even the children, not even the parents.

Only Him.

January 2, 2007

He Restoreth My Soul

He scribbled down his thoughts on a piece of paper, attempting to sorting them out. The confused rabble permeated his mind - it needed an outlet. Then a soothing spirit washed over him, bringing comfort in this time of need. Suddenly his thoughts mattered no longer.

When peace like a river
Attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot,
Thou hast taught me to say

It is well
It is well
With my soul.

He laid his burden before the Savior, leaving it to His care, knowing that whatever might be done...

The situation was in His hands.

Broken and poured out
For the love of His creation,
God paid a debt
That He didn't owe.
Bearing my pain,
When not one was His equal
And wearing my shame
So that I could know Him.

He gave us all
He had to give
So that we could truly live

So let's give all
We have to Him
So that we can be

Completely free.

~ Completey Free by Big Daddy Weave

January 1, 2007

Another Year Passed

Happy New Year!! 2007 is upon us.

Or at least in 8 minutes, CST... ;-) Make that...7 minutes. Ah, nevermind, 6 minutes...

Hum dee dum.


(might as well wait it out)


*looks up the Spanish spelling for three*


Trois? Hmmm...anyways.



30 seconds...

15 seconds.