November 26, 2006


Soo....I've been tagged by Kikki and Lizzie to... *ahem*

"List 6 things about yourself which are either weird, habitual, unusual, or just plain fun to hear about and tag six to ten others in the [Blogger/Xanga/Wordpress] world, who then, in the spirit of not wussing out, must read words like these and follow the same rules you did."

I have no clue who came up with that title.

So, without further ado...

1. When driving at night, I have a tendency to stare at oncoming cars...

why? To figure out what make/model they are, of course. ;-) (however, this does not happen when their brights are on :-P )

2. I enjoy making strange faces. :-D Some examples...

3. Whenever I brush my teeth, on average I take around 3-5 minutes to do so.

4. I'll just say this much for number 4--you should see what happens when I'm cooking in the kitchen. ;-D

5. We all know this happens in our lives: the kitchen table gets knocked out of place--it becomes crooked, not perpendicular to the refrigerator! This is a paranoia of mine. When it happens, regardless of the situation occurring (supper-time, birthday parties, during school, etc.), I move it back in place.

6. This is kind of along the lines of the second one...but...

I can cross my eyes, wiggle my ears, and roll my tongue all at the same time.

Time to do the tagging...

1. Melissa McDonald
2. Annie
3. Samuel Evans
4. Josiah Candler
5. David Price
6. Emil Bandy

If you don't have a blog, you can leave a comment with your tag instead. :-)

November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! :-D

*shall do my tag on next post* ;-)

November 21, 2006


So this morning at the breakfast table (breakfast is where all interesting things happen ;-) ), we were discussing how Emil was thinking about buying a bird launcher. Apparently this thing shoots a pigeon into the air really fast... *nod*

Dad: "I could kick the bird into the air for 50 dollars you'd otherwise spend on that bird launcher..."
Me: "Why don't you just use the potato cannon?"


Of course, this is the same potato cannon that shoots projectiles 300 yards. :-D

November 19, 2006

Courtship 101

I blogged about this vid some time ago...but I thought it deserved a re-post. ;-)


November 12, 2006


This past weekend we (my brother and I) had the pleasure of hunting with our uncle and his family over in MO. Starting on Thursday, we left from a birthday party in Taylorville to embark on our journey. Our uncle provided the transportation...and the entertainment: we watched movies most of the way there...and back...and in-between. ;-) On Friday we hunted quail...

And only shot 2. Oh well...

Friday evening was earmarked with supper at Granny's, followed by a slideshow of the day's [camera] shots. Thennnn, (after going to bed about 11:30 the previous night) three of the hunting party (including myself), woke up before 4:00 Saturday morning and left for a deer hunt... the freezing cold. As in, 30 degrees, wind SW...or NE...maybe SN, can't remember for sure ;-) at 15-20 mph, and no sun all morning. Welllll, apparently the deer didn't like us because we didn't see anything all morning. Then we found out later that someone near our stand shot a doe--after we left. :-P ("Was a nice-sized one, too") So after all that....quail hunting went we again, for, eh, 3 hours or so (killed another--a total of three birds) then came home.

And another thing, I personally officially label this past weekend as...

The Weekend of Eating (and hunting)

Since..........I ate about 15 sandwiches on Friday and had 3 or 4 lunches on Saturday. *halo* And you must include mid-night snacks, in-between munchings, and, ah, other things like that. Hehe... ;-D

But it feels good to be home. :-)

November 8, 2006

Various highlights...

...from the trip.

~ New nicknames. ;-)
>for Emil, Gremlin.
Now this needs a little history behind it or else the whole thing is night when we were all preparing for supper (one night when we served), it was decided that one of the servers would be Emil. His name was written on the whiteboard, and after examining it, I declared it looked like "Emlin." So...after some more discussion...
Gremlin was born. ;-D
>for moi, Hammer.
One word: Walleyball.

~ Log-straddle battles

From Highlights

~ Cheese sauce mini-fights

From Highlights

~ A self-defense tip: it only take 8 pounds of force to rip a person's ear off, so you do that and place the displaced ear on the person's forehead and they supposedly run away screaming and waving their arms everywhere.

~ Volleyball games until 11 every night...
...well, almost every night. ;-)

From Highlights

~ "The Princess and the Kiss" skit

From Highlights

~ Creme Brulee for breakfast (an advantage to working in a kitchen ;-) )

~ On the last night we all were together, I told the people in the bowling pic they were free to give my brother a hard time while he was serving--they accomplished that quite well. ;-D switching desserts, using up clean napkins, asking for silverware to be taken at intervals, and basically using up all his time.

~ A blizzard on the 26th - roads were closed, white-outs occurred near the base of the mountains, three feet of snow near the Springs, and general havoc such as that ;-)

From Highlights

~ Going to Lizzie's church on the 29th followed by lunch and fellowship at their house. :-D

From DB Visit

~ Getting lost multiple times: the Springs (our directions were 4 years old - and they have construction...lots of it), Kansas City (kitchen stores - so confusing), and trying to find Parkville (mapquest has no clue where that place is - i think we'll use Google from now on ;-) ).

~ Having Mom's birthday while we were out there! :-D Mom and Dad ended the day with a candle-lit dinner... :-) Then the mandatory Happy Birthday, but taking 5 minutes to sing the song... ;-D

~ Naomi losing her first tooth on Mom's b-day :-D

November 4, 2006


*points to above title*

and i get to sleep in my own bed...


compared to a bunk bed that was less than 2 1/2 feet from the ceiling...then during the night you'd flail your arms everywhere and realize you have bloody knuckles in the morning. :-P

November 3, 2006


...we're on our way home. ;-)

To be more specific, 9 hours of driving later, we're on our way home. Thennnn...

...9 more hours of driving tomorrow.

And we'll be home! Y'all must realize that never before in the history of our family have we taken a vacation this long.

Although I will say, whether personally or from friends...

over 1100 pictures. ;-D
From Horn Creek - ...

bowling break
From Horn Creek - ...

a better Horn Peak pic
From Horn Creek - ...

From Horn Creek - ...

Emil being thwacked ;-)