May 23, 2007

Graduation 2007

This past Saturday we held Grace's and my graduation party at our house--around 35 people came, and we had a great time. :D

May 5, 2007

Teen Pact

Oh what a stressful mornin', Oh what a stressful day, I've got a fearful feelin' everything's goin' the wrong way...

The above sentence crossed my mind multiple times this past week. And this past week was...Teen Pact. Even though I didn't attend this year, my brother, however, did so. Like previous years, we decided to open our house to guests for the week. Confused phone calls, false alarms, overcrowded capitals, and late-night conversations on IM (even though we were less than 15 feet away from each other :D ) describes everything perfectly.

Eric and Emil arm wrestling

Matthew Farmer

Allie and Grace

L-R: Sam, Kelly, Brent, Eric

Wednesday...Legislative Day.

singing in front of the capital

Then we have some other various pictures...

Benjamin, William, Eric, and Emil's hand

playing Mafia


the 2007 Teen Pact graduating class

Friday....AHHH!!! That sums up the day rather well: I had an emergency trip to the grocery store in the morning, THEN later in the afternoon, we found out that Dad, while he was grocery shopping as well, received multiple injuries from shopping carts (too gruesome to get into details), and had to get stiches. Now it sounds like something normal that happens to us, BUT, Emil and Eric had speech class that day. the exact same time Dad was receiving stiches, they were both finishing up speech. AND Eric had a train to catch almost right after the class was done. So Ashton to the rescue. Commenced emergency situation, made multiple phone calls, drove over prompt care, picked up Eric's luggage, went to the capital, suddenly saw Emil and Eric standing beside the street, honked at 'em to get their attention, almost made the person behind me hit the van because of stopping abruptly, they ran over to the van and got in, we drove over to the train station, decided after a few minutes to buy some food at McDonalds, returned to the train station, found out Dad was there after all, few more minutes transpired then Dad and Emil drove off and bought some rounds of ammo, came back, Eric and I were still there, waited 20 minutes for the train, the train came, Eric left, then we came home. *draws breath*

Sam at the target shoot this afternoon after hearing about our week:

"If I were you I'd be back home in bed."