July 30, 2007

The Beginning

...on our way there...

July 27, 2007

Creation Museum or Bust!

This afternoon, the Bandy family left for the Creation Museum located in good ol' Kentucky. Currently blogging on my Aunt's compy (which is a PC, by the way), I unfortunately have no access to pictures or videos...so, bear with me, I shall do all that good stuff when I've internet access on my Mac.

Though we had quite the adventurous morning: after Dad backed out the van, he found a pool of liquid on the floor. Once he inspected it for however long he inspected it, he called our (kinda) local automotive place and they told him to bring the van out there pronto. So they checked it out, and told him that our water pump was dead...gone...off to wherever water pumps go. They then ordered the pump, and told us it'd be installed sometime this afternoon...which, of course, was accomplished to the letter.

And here we are. :D Spending the night in Indiana, taking off early tomorrow morning, etc.


July 23, 2007

July Hymnsing

...and more can be viewed on my Facebook.

July 20, 2007


As the previous post suggests, a family came over to our house. On Monday, to be specific. (seems like that's our date for visits ;) However, it wasn't the Candler's who came over this time, but the Sanford family...

preparing for the evening's games

Then we had one of these things for dinner...really really good stuff--a Vegetable Torte, to be specific. Ok, we had more food than that--21 people need more to eat than a torte... ;)

the guy table

an empty table

After dinner, amazingly all us guys cleaned up while the adults and gals went throughout the house to their respective duties, such as talking and playing games...

everyone trying to hide in the closet

So....once we completed the Filling of the Dishwasher and Sink, the outdoors became our destination of choice. Following that course of action, wherein we played extensive games of volleyball and badminton, we concluded our evening inside with an enjoyable game of Mafia...

So ends my tale.

July 6, 2007

A Conglomeration of Sorts

On Monday night the Candler's came over for a great night of food and fellowship, and one thing we definitely did was play...

Dutch Blitz.

And, of course, we couldn't just play without recording a game on camera! :D So now, I present unto you all a Gaffer Productions presentation of sorts that includes silliness, music, and other things along those lines...

Then on Wednesday, a total of 76 (?) people attended our first annual Providence Church 4th of July Celebration (not sure about the official name, though). More can be read about it here.

one of our many games of volleyball

Mr. Lansberry serving it up

Melissa, Pastor McDonald, and Jessica leading the singing of a patriotic song, of which I currently can't remember the name :P

Garrison enjoying the smoke...things

Emil and Garrison attempting to light a few somethings

the somethings going off in a shower of sparks and repeated booms