August 24, 2007

An Experience in Distance Learning

[to the reader: please realize this is all written in good humor]

Among the students of DL (distance learning), a good amount of us consider the server where everything DL is located to be of, shall we say, oxymoronic value. After taking an exam online and the submit button is hit, the test, after 2-3 hours of hard work, goes to the dust in the form of the following message: "Unable to submit test." Or, in another instance, let's say a forum needs to be accessed and instead of instant gratification, the students sits there almost ten minutes, clicking the link multiple times only to find out it shows up blank. As another example, let's say someone participating in a heated discussion on the instant messenger feature sees a window pop up, telling him: "The server lost connection, please reconnect."

At the least, a warning should be posted on the homepage saying, "Not held responsible for dented laptops, ripped textbooks, or uprooted hair." Just think of the legal liabilities...

The reason why we think the server an oxymoron? "ANGEL" is its name.

So, as a result of this interesting ordeal, a fellow student and I had the following conversation...

(used with permission)

Tyler B: so no comarison for me...but my experiences with angel have been less than pleasant...
Ashton Bandy: haha, i've had a rough time with ANGEL as well
Tyler B: haha...haven't we all...
Ashton Bandy: but some good memories are with it ;)
Tyler B: I suppose...
Tyler B: still...
Tyler B: if it would die...I would not cry...
Ashton Bandy: lol
Ashton Bandy: i don't think i would, either :P
Tyler B: excellent...
Tyler B: maybe we should be morose and write angel death poems...hehehe
Tyler B: ;)
Ashton Bandy: rofl!
Ashton Bandy: everybody'd love that
Ashton Bandy: :P
Tyler B: would be VERY funny...but I am not the one to do it...
Ashton Bandy: neither am I O:-)
Tyler B: bad poetry writer am I...
Ashton Bandy: guess we'll have to elect someone, then tell them they're supposed to do it
Ashton Bandy: i pick...hmm...
Tyler B: sounds good....lets pick somebody at random from the list...
Ashton Bandy: *looks through the side list*
Tyler B: hmmmm....
Ashton Bandy: how about Mallory Riley?
Tyler B: I was thinking that...
Ashton Bandy: i've talked with her a good amount
Ashton Bandy: has a good sense of humor *grin*
Tyler B: or Michael C
Ashton Bandy: ah, haven't met him yet
Tyler B: don’t know him but I'm for picking a random person...teehee...
Ashton Bandy: oh!
Ashton Bandy: what about Joshua A?
Ashton Bandy: if you're in WestLit, he's the Russian mafia-type guy
Tyler B: not in western lit...
Ashton Bandy: ohh, ok
Tyler B: but sounds like a good guy to write death poems ;)
Ashton Bandy: ;D
Ashton Bandy: so Joshua A, yay or nay?
Ashton Bandy: (yay)
Tyler B:
Ashton Bandy: or yea, whichever spelling
Tyler B: its unanimous ;)
Ashton Bandy: excellent, we've an accord

So there you have it.

Joshua, when you read this on Facebook, realize the responsibility given unto you.


August 20, 2007


And so concludes our first day of the fall semester, 2007, with Patrick Henry College (or at least in three hours or so)...

Behold, the textbooks for this fall (computer to the side to give better scale)...

Classes include Western Literature 1, Theology of the Bible 1, History of the United States 1, and Logic. Total credits worth: 12. Amount of highlighters armed and ready to go: three so far. Marbles forfeited, given away, or otherwise lost: 9.

Now, back to your regular scheduled programming...

August 3, 2007

Creation Experience

Written on the steps of the Museum, subjected to some editing:

"Here we are at the Creation Museum, and here's some advice for anyone planning to attend: don't come on a Saturday. We've waited in line for about an hour now...and are being told it's gonna be another half an hour or so. Although we've found out some interesting information from one of the employees: apparently three men from Hawaii traveled to the museum, wanting to open a creation museum on their homeland. We also found out that, not only have people came from as far as Hawaii, but also Ireland and"

During our visit we were told that the day we came was probably the largest they've had in the Museum's short history: the capacity of the building is 4800, and the day before, Friday, around 4000 people attended. It was kind of crowded. ;)

And the weather was absolutely beautiful and calm for this time of year, with the temperature reaching only about 80 or so throughout the day. In fact, we've had a rather cool summer this year compared to most, despite all that global warming stuff everyone hears anymore. We were able to walk in their Botanical Gardens multiple times during the day, and, to our great delight, they built a hanging bridge! Or whatever you call those things. So naturally, because of our young at heart-ness, we crossed that thing many times...though I shan't say what exactly was done during those crossings. (landlubbers...beware)

Inside the museum is a different story. References to God's Word and parallels related to it permeate the scenery...for which I'm thankful considering the saturation of evolutionary ideas in today's society. They say the museum consumes 2-4 hours for a complete tour--we were there from 10:45 AM to 6-something PM, which includes activities such as bookstoring, botanical gardening, and eating. And...well, hmm, I shouldn't go on any further...

You'll just have to visit the museum to find out more. ;)

Oh, and another thing: they make a really good frozen chai down in the basement...

~or, if you'd like more info, thereby ruining the surprise factor~
~conclusion by linking to pictures on Facebook~