June 21, 2008

random conversations

Last night while Emil and I were picking cherries, we discussed the interesting possibility of having an iPhone buried with oneself once they're dead so they might be found easily after world war III, but then again we thought it not the best option because of the following reasons:

1. Missiles would have taken out all the cell phone towers.


2. You probably wouldn't get very good reception down in the coffin anyway.

June 14, 2008

iche and the creation museum

I sure hope y'all like a lot of pictures.

So last week we attended the Illinois Christian Home Educators convention, otherwise known as ICHE. (we enjoy pronouncing it itchy...you get more strange looks that way) And also, as an added benefit, we had the pleasure of staying with the Ryken Clan during our stay up north...a hearty thank you!! for letting us do so, Ryken's! We thoroughly enjoyed our time together with y'all amidst all the food, chatting, IM convos while in the same room, and multiple games of Dutch Blitz. You can read Mrs. Ryken's post about it here. So...after a hasty get-everything-together-then-driving-up-Friday-morning, a safe arrival greeted us in downtown Naperville...

prior one of the keynote sessions

later that day we drove Ol' Blue (you'll see him later) to the Ryken's...

figuring out the next steps to accomplish

yeehaw!! it's dinner time, y'all!

some of us tried to sleep off dinner...

...while others spent time adoring the newest Ryken, Sara

a nice, relaxing evening...haven't had one of those in a while

"emil...hold those pose...it looks like you broke your neck."

"Where'd Dad go?" "I dunno...I thought he was with Naomi." "Isn't that them over there?" "No...that's somebody else." "Didn't they go visit that one booth in that one place?" "Good question." "NAAAOMIIII!!! DAAADDD!!! Where are YOUUU???"

waiting in-between sessions and IMing Justin, only to find out that the videos we took of Dutch Blitz the night before turned out to be 5 GB. yes, you can hang your mouth open in astonishment

"You know...I should take pictures of people at the courtship booth then post them all on the internet." "Actually, that'd be...really funny, in a weird sort of way."

about to depart for the unknown

We now interrupt our programing to present you the results of Grace's Gardening, Inc. These two pictures only represent a small portion of what this young lady is capable of...

Then pictures from our trip down to the Creation Museum...Emil wrote up a more descriptive post concerning what we did throughout the day.

after four extra hours of sleep (meaning sleeping during the trip), I got up and took this picture. quite thought-provoking...it's like we're entering The Land of Really Really Bright Lightbulbs

behold my back-end-of-the-van lair, wherein reading, 'riting, but no 'rithmetic occurs

welcome to ohio! or at least the back of it

after about half an hour, emil and i switched. he enjoyed playing that game of bejeweled...and resting on a cinderella pillow

i asked naomi to make a face. that describes pretty much the whole situation

the centerpiece of this picture: a creation museum billboard

and we arrive! (this is Ol' Blue, by the way...a 2007 GMC Savana)

grace and i about to watch Men in White...an excellent presentation on creationism v. evolutionism

beware the person who dares to take this guy's coke

this isn't for those who are claustrophobic

gotta love that sign

around two in the afternoon we had the pleasure of attending a workshop by Buddy Davis

Emil found out the consequences of raising one's hand. we had quite the laugh as a result

after the workshop, splurging on drinks, only to find out we all bought white chocolate frappes

the purpose of attending the museum: in celebration of Dad and Mom's wedding anniversary!

them frappes are good...

an exhibit in the dinosaur den

this is what y'all miss out on...the botanical gardens

rather self-explanatory, no?

the famous suspended bridge...last time we were there they had to cal...well, let's just say there's more security measures this time around

I was tempted to stick my head in front of these things

check out that temperature once we started up the van to leave

We arrived home around 11:30...went to bed...and slept...

June 9, 2008


Random picture of the week, on the way home from church yesterday. Thanks to the McDonald/Hector/Davis families for inspiration. We even got a person to smile and shake their head at us...except in our situation we didn't almost run off the road while singing. ;) If you'd like to listen to the music to which we...er...swayed to the beat, then let the music play...enjoy! (four "to"s in one sentence...I think that's a personal record. now y'all will start counting in subsequent sentences, I bet'cha)

I'll try to get a longer post up sometime this week about what I've been up to lately. We'll see if I find the time...