October 31, 2007

Happy Reformation Day!

While I'm procrastinating on my term papers (lovingly referred to as "arpy's" among DLers, and I do believe we've Jake to thank for that *grin*), I'll go ahead and write about what we did over the weekend.

Saturday was our first annual Reformation Day Faire for Providence Church, and while the day began dreary, it turned out bright and beautiful regardless of the forecast predicted by weather.com. (don't trust 'em ;) After rising nice and early in the morning, and after sweating bullets with how much stuff we had to bring, we took off for Sommer Park. We decided not to do any videos--I apologize. ;)

As part of our preparation, Dad made a set of stocks, which of course we brought with us on Saturday, despite using only smaller vehicles (our van was rear-ended and has been out of commission for the past few weeks as a result). The infamous Tetzel made sure we received our indulgences, followed promptly by the constable arresting us poor, unsuspecting victims with placement into those stocks as punishment--t'was quite fun, actually. Watching some of the people being arrested, that is.


one of the more entertaining arrests

an elder of the church?! IN THE STOCKS?!?

whoopsie-daisy, looks like one of the ladies was caught with an indulgence

a few of the booths set up for the Faire

Also during the morning, an archery contest was proclaimed and those who were prepared for the event headed over to the nearby range:

And the feast...ohhh my goodness, there was tons of German-American food and all of it looked SO GOOD! Unfortunately, though, since we all are human and possess limited amounts of stomach space, only part of it was I able to eat. Mr. Price and Anna provided the entertainment of the Reformation Polka afterwards...

some of the guys engaged in what I'm sure was lively discussion

Here's more pictures of the afternoon:

i think this may be why there was cheering off in the distance *didn't take this one*

the boffer war viewed from afar


More thoughts on the Faire can be viewed here, here, here, here, annnd here. Oh, and a video here. :D

...and a big ol' thank ye to all of those who assisted in taking these pictures throughout the day: Melinda, Sam, Jessica, Emil...whomever else that had my camera throughout the day...lol.

October 21, 2007

Daily Conversations

On the way home from church today...

...be sure to check Emil's blog every so often for another, shall we say, interesting sing-along. ;)

October 10, 2007

Beach Boys Karaoke

After a stressful day of stressful events, this is how we unwind:

Me singing main vocals, with Emil providing background vocals...

[on our way to a party--a big THANK YOU to the Higginson's for providing a temporary vehicle]

October 6, 2007

Country Dancing

So...last night we danced. :D

We started at 6:30-ish with something along the lines of an "introduction to dancing 101," meaning, we paired up, the instructor told us what to do, and we did it. Rather simple, yes? No. If you've ever seen us try to dance something we've never danced before, you would agree with that conclusion. Half of the time it felt like I was apologizing to the gals I danced with during the evening. But overall, I thoroughly enjoyed our folk dancing, which included the three-some-dance-thing, that one gypsy-awkward-stare-in-the-eye dance, and then, of course, the Virginia Reel, which happens to be the only name I remember. Ah yes...and the polka. It was...interesting, although I stepped on Anna's feet once (sorry Anna!). After that Garrison and I danced the polka, which was...interesting as well. The evening concluded around 10, with all of us bidding each other an adieu...though I wish we took a video sometime with the camera I left out in the van...

[edit: more pictures here]