November 11, 2008

dancing and partying

Amidst a mess of papers (well, only writing one, actually...although there is quite a few papers on my floor), homework, housework, cleaning work, me dear Mother gone for the week on a vacation of sorts (panic and mayhem hasn't ensued worries, Mom), pictures are finally here! Despite being two months late with the former must forgive me...I offer no excuses...

A Bloomington Dance

Schock Partying

So yes. Aaron Schock won! All the months of hard work and dedicated assistance from countless people finally culminated in the victory of our candidate. We were rather happy about that. ;) Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay later into the evening and watch the official festivities since it was getting late, yet we were able to see a partial live interview...that counts for something, at least. *grin* Things are now settling down post election...signs are being taken moves on. [cue depressing violin solo]

And so you won't go off sorrowful after leaving the blog, I present unto you this picture...