February 26, 2007

Liberty Day, etc.

The Post of Many Pictures

Mr. Erber

Bill Potter

Doug Phillips

the Erberauntey Singers singing Revolutionary Tea...awesome song, btw ;-)

the reenactment of the 2nd Virginia Convention


my sister Grace

Virginia Grace and my second sister, Naomi

I couldn't believe this pic when I saw it...5 of us Bandys in one picture! *everyone gasps*

third sister, Ruth

the men lining up for battle

then Abigail and I dancing :-D

We also enjoyed quite the snowstorm on the way home from Liberty Day: 3 inches of freezing rain and snow. However, the trip wasn't as extended compared to our St. Louis expedition--only about half an hour more than usual. (first St. Louis, next Chicago, after that... ???)

On schedule for this weekend--

another debate tourney! But this time in Louisville...and with two additional speeches: impromptu and persuasive. What is the subject for the persuasive, you might ask? Mac vs. Windows, in favor of the Macintosh (of course!). And after much deliberation, we finally decided upon where we're staying:

an unknown place.

(Background: torn between staying at a hotel and host housing [FREE!], we decided yesterday upon the latter option)

So begins another busy week for the Bandys...

February 14, 2007

February 13, 2007

Living on the Prairie

Well folks, the snow is here. It started up last night, around 9 o'clock or so, and has continued incessantly since then until about 10-15 minutes ago. The downfall began quickly, in fact, my brother and I thought that thunder or a snow plow sounded outside. In the morning, this is what it looked like in our backyard:

Yep, the white stuff. During the day, white-out conditions occured off and on and less than 5 vehicles passed our house. On the news this evening (one of those once-in-a-lifetime TV watchings we have), it was said that officials even quit plowing the county roads for reasons of receiving drifts as soon as they move on. Those are the roads we use to go anywhere. :-P Aye, we've got a blizzard on our hands. Dad and I had to stay home from our respective trips--his for work and mine for debate. There's 8 foot snow drifts near our area, and 2-4 foot drifts in our own yard. And while the snow stopped earlier for a brief time, 2-3 more inches are in the forecast.

Welcome to Illinois weather. :-D

February 8, 2007

Daily Dialogue

Two of our convos from today--gotta love Bandy conversations. ;-)

Emil calls me from the other room while I'm playing guitar...

"Shut the door!"
Me: "What?"
Him: "Please shut the door!"
Me: "What did you say?"
Him: "Shut the door!"
Me: "Shut what?"
Him: "The door!"
Me: "What about it?!"
Him: "Shut it!"
Me: "Oh! Ok..."

I couldn't hear him very well... *halo*

Then another one:

Grace shows Naomi the letter "p"...

Grace: "Naomi, what's that letter?"
Naomi: "But don't you know what it is?"
Grace: "Of course I do! I know all 24 letters of the alphabet!"

February 5, 2007

An iTunes Review

This thing was too good to be true...

Here's a review I found for the Polar Express soundtrack...apparently the movie is quite entertaining if you enjoy hot chocolate. ;-)


"As a fancier of all hot beverages (specificly [sic] that delectibly delicious hot chocolate), My collegues and I went to our nearest cineplex to watch the moving picture of "The Polar Express" after hearing from those at the Hot Holiday Beverage Mususem [sic] of Hollywood, FL that there is a song (sung by the Academy Award Winning Tom Hanks) about hot chocolate! The $12 ticket was worth that one song! From this song, we really get a sense of how deliciously tempting, scrumptious, and tasty hot chocolate is! The song is sung at an energizing and fast pace, with the crew of the polar express singing a "milky" and "chocolatey" ;-) background melody to Tom Hanks' melodious and poingent voice. From the memorable lyrics (ere, we've only got one rule/Never ever let it cool!/Keep it cookin in the pot,/You've got-/Hot choc-o-lat!) the audience gets a real sense of just how excited the train is to recieve this milky warm treat! Hot chocolate is truely [sic] a song for Christmas and family. My...wife Mimi and I renewed our vows last november (11/12/05) to this "creamy" song. The hot chocolate community, as well as those who enjoy delectibly delicious hot beverages, would like to thank the makers of the box-office hit, "The Polar Express", for finally bringing the delights, tears, and happiness of hot chocolate to the big screen and "sippers" everywhere.
(P.S I saw the movie on an IMAX screen and , I must say, the hot chocolate looked large and scrumptious!!!)"