March 24, 2007

Gas Pricing

So here we were driving home from helping the Evans' with their remodeling, and a sign came into view for our local RoadRanger that stated the following:

Unleaded Gas:


One word: wow. Of course, after the shock passed, we all just laughed because it had to be a typo...


March 15, 2007


I hath been tagged by Jessica to...

Tag rules: ...list two things people do that you like, and two things they do that you don't like. You may tag no more than five others:

That I do like:
1. When people have the ability to converse easily with others.
2. Those who don't protest to their picture being taken. ;-)

That I do not like:
1. The way people slouch down while driving, just to be "cool," per say--it drives me crazy. :P
2. Those who own or buy a Windows computer!! ...just kidding. :D to tag.

1. Jake Turnbull
2. Melissa McDonald
3. Erin Lester
4. Dan Middleton

March 8, 2007

Kid Antics

The other day while Mom and the girls were grocery shopping, they came upon a young mother and her child. Now, the two of them were deciding whether or not to buy some meat (I believe chuck roast or something), so the child, a boy of 5-6 years of age, picked some up and held it in his hands. (he was the most adorable kid you've seen in your life! ~ Grace)

Mother: Would you like it?
Boy: (he just looked up at her)
Mother: Would you eat it?
Boy: (just looks up at her)
Mother: Do you want to try it?

And the boy proceeded to lick the packaging.

Mother: No no no...not now!