December 6, 2009

hello there

Is this thing alive? Ah, yes it is. Very good.

So I've neglected my blog over the past several months, for various reasons. And I'd like to pick up that good ol' blogging habit again, for various reasons. The two "various reasons" may be connected or correlated in some fashion or another, but I'd prefer to study that in detail at a later date. But, one prominent reason I wanted to revive my blogging from its former lifeless form to its current semi-lifeless form is to bring back some literary-ness into my life. One thing that I'm beginning to realize about my past PHC classes is that I could freely write to my hearts content (or, more like freely write with the ghastly Due Date waiting with a Bad Grade at the ready).

And I miss all that writing.

Whether for good or for bad, but hopefully for the good. Writing about adventures abroad taken by Gulliver, or the trinitarian nature of the marriage covenant. Writing about communism, or how Descartes thought and therefore he was or so he thought.

In the past, my posts were largely picture-based, with the attempted witty or winsome tagline to follow. Not to say that such a post plot-line will change for the future, albeit rather have some variance in and out and all about. And besides, actual time given to my camera isn't as much as it used to be, largely because higher priorities have taken over (i.e., more intensive school) and more time is given to doing stuff around the house compared to what it previously was. And work, can't forget work. Though the future may provide more adventuresome opportunities and subsequent camera-ing, only the Lord knows for sure, and I'll assuredly be posting pictures. Or maybe post the occasional little story like I've done in the past. And then there's facebook or twitter, the social networking websites extraordinaire that *stops myself before ranting*. Maybe another time...

Oh, and I also found out recently we've Spanish blood in us...and largely aren't as Frenchy as I thought...more German/Spanish/French/Scottish/somethinglikethat. Researching the family tree...something else I'm wanting to do. Anybody got some spare time on hand that I can permanently borrow?

Yes, this post is pretty much me rambling, but take it or leave it; I can do no other. For tonight, at least.

My layout needs a redo. This grey is so...grey.

Adieu for now, and Lord bless.