November 26, 2007


Yesterday we received our second official snow of the season, with the first being the Thanksgiving snow...

regardless of how this appears, Jacob decided not to throw the snowball at me

behold, Sam and King Louis XVI (pronounced Lou-ee)

i'm...dreaming of a white...Christmas...

November 23, 2007


[time for some Christmas music]

About this whole hunting topic.

By the way, if the reader doesn't enjoy non-skinned deer, I definitely would not suggest looking at the pictures. Then again, that just might pique your interest and now you're scrolling to them. ;)

Thursday evening my brother and I traveled in separate vehicles over to our grandparent's house, and no, not because we bicker excessively or anything like that, but because the reason of me returning home early for school reasons. We went to bed at [blank] o'clock and woke Friday morning at around 4:15, only to head out at 4:45 to shot us some deer. Now please understand that seeing as the lack of sleep the night before made us quite tired, rest came upon us during those early morning hours. Rest, in this case, would be defined as something between the closing of the eyes and literal sleep. (I think Emil leans towards the latter part in explaining my case...personally I would differ...kinda) After about a hour and a half or so passed and, at around 6:50 AM, 3-4 deer passed by our blinds. To make a long story short, two of them were killed and the rest of the day was spent gutting, skinning, etc.

I think some people at church are trying to create shirts that has the following, "Emil Bandy Loves Bambi," printed on it.

Saturday morning unfolded the same as the day before, with the exception being no deer killed. Most of the morning was spent opening our eyes and, if not seeing any deer, promptly closing them. Although, I did shoot at a particular deer thrice without any success. I guess that's why we're not supposed to try at 150 yards with a shotgun, eh? ;)

the Bandy brothers with the catch

calling into DNR to register the deer

slowly but surely, Bambi is hoisted for the skinning

a liner for someone's coat?

the pulling down of the skin

After all the outside work concluded, the inside work began...

chopping up the tenderloins...or whatever the cut is

some of us tried to process more than just the deer meat


Emil and Grace celebrate the end of processing by polka-ing around the kitchen table

November 19, 2007

Hippy Papib Udihthurdaiy!!

We've another birthday folks and this time, it's Naomi's turn. Seven years of age she turns today (er, yesterday, I guess, looking at the time now), and those years have gone by quicker than I'd care to admit. I can still remember the day we drove to the hospital to see our new addition to the family...and for as long as I can remember, I've referred to her as my silly girl. ;) Of course, she tells me, "no, you're silly!" " are!" " are, silly boy!" And...the conversation continues that way for a few minutes.

Here's some pictures from our evening:

Happy Birthday, Naomi!!!

November 17, 2007



we're back from hunting!


unfortunately I don't have enough time to post about it! (besides this quick thing)

I'll try to get something up/incorporate blog-change suggestions over the next few days amidst paperizing/catching up with ush/posting/reading/quizzes/etc.

November 11, 2007

the winds of change

farewell to the old...

hello to the new.

thoughts, anyone, on the different template?