October 25, 2006


Weather Forecast:

80% chance of 7-11 inches for today...
80% chance of 7-11 inches tomorrow...

Oh yeah.
From Horn Creek

family pic
From Horn Creek

volleyball games (muchas fun :-D )
From Horn Creek

October 23, 2006

Days 2-3.

Yesterday during the morning we drove from Colby, Kansas to Kevin Swanson's church, attended the church (of course), then drove the rest of the way to Horn Creek while eating lunch, experiencing lengthy traffic jams, and watching the rest of a movie. :-D

Ahhh, thank goodness for local motels that have wi-fi. And for Ibuprofen.

miles logged: around 350
pictures taken: 200-something
hours slept last night: 7
lectures listened to: 2
current battery life on comp: 20 minutes

And a great part about Colorado....

....the speed limit is 10 MPH higher than Illinois. ;-)
From Colorado

our cabin and Ruth
From Colorado

Horn Peak
From Colorado

swimming in Colby

October 21, 2006

Day 1.

leaving time: 4:30 AM
miles logged: 700
stops along the way: 2
seats rotated: 4 or 5
movies watched: not even a full one (partial only)
weather: dreary, rainy, then sunny mid-afternoon
pictures taken: 30

And now I'm off to enjoy an iced chai from Starbucks... ;-D
From Driving to Colby

a sign for colby
From Driving to Colby

the van
From Driving to Colby

me driving
From Driving to Colby

ahhh yes, Kansas...
From Driving to Colby

a very blurry pic of Fort Riley
From Driving to Colby

From Driving to Colby

watching movies on my comp...with the audio directly connected to the van ;-)


...we're off to Colorado!

(pics shall be posted along the way)

October 17, 2006

Of Macs and Windows (and other subjects)

In the recent weeks, senior pictures have been part of my schedule. And, as a result, the request was put to me of actually being able to see those pictures. And as I stated recently on my other blog, I would attempt to post them. Yet...things don't always work out as planned. :-/

This evening when I took my brother to his weekly clay pigeon shooting meeting thing, I decided to go ahead and pick up the CD that had the pictures on it. I picked it up, brought it home, ate dinner, desert, etc., then proceeded to upload the CD onto my computer. However, technical difficulties sometimes arise when you try to work cross-platform (between Mac and Windows). Apparently the file the photographer gave me was an executable program (.exe)...and Mac doesn't particularly accept .exe files. :-P More along the lines of .tar and .dmg - those are preferable. Sooooo.........

This file is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

Patience is appreciated in the meantime.


And I urge y'all from Xanga to switch to Blogger. In fact, all you need is your Gmail account if you don't feel like creating a whole 'nuther account to keep track of.

Blogger beta

It is your destiny!


Ah yes, I've been informed (implicitly) to tell everyone that we're leaving for Colorado on Saturday and shall be gone for two weeks. ;-)


Thank you, and a good-night to all. *bows*

October 16, 2006

E = MC^2

Testing, testing, one...two...three...

*taps microphone*