July 26, 2010

California! part deux

Well, we are not in California!  Last Monday we returned without /too/ much hassle...that'll be explained later.  In the meanwhile, here's the period following up the previous post...

Continuing with our shopping excursion...

behold, part of the grab-your-wrist-and-turn-your-hat-upside-down club

check out that price...the produce out in CA is absolutely amazing!!

Trader Joe's!  (truly located in Modesto, CA)

making breakfast that next day (Thursday)...we had decided to leave part of the IL contingent in the valley and get the house ready for the reception

Mrs. Hector's lovely garden

power-spraying their concrete...and running out of water multiple times as a result

Thomas and I really got into the whole "let's mess up the bunkhouse" mood...then we cleaned it up ;)

the look of uncertainty isn't unjustified...the grill took twice as long to assemble than what the instructions told us!!

lately, welding has become a hobby of Mr. Hector's

last but not least, a shot of the beautiful scenery the Hectors are blessed with every morning they awake...

Next up...the weekend!

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Hec @ 19 said...

Don't just take Ashton's word for it; come and visit!!