August 11, 2010

We're Remodeling!

Again!  *grin*

The first round of major renovations our family/friends accomplished began a long time ago with the den...and the former boy's room...and Mom and Dad's room...then around ten years ago with our kitchen, downstairs bathroom, and porch.  The latter three took around 2 years, then we moved onto the upstairs, which we completely gutted, rearranged, added rooms, and made livable compared to its previous state.  The upstairs took around 3-4 years, and we're still finishing up little things here and there...trim or whatnot.

Now, with our recent accidental waterfalls in the attic that poured into the living room below it, we're remodeling the living room and dining room!  This is only phase 1...phase 2 shall be addressed in another post.

For posterity's sake, here's the "before" pictures...the after ones are a few months away from posting.  Naturally, pictures will be forthcoming of the progress...

Our current setup is above...the plan is to take out that wall with the big doorway along with the 45* angle wall (relative to the main part) beside it.  Since it's a supporting wall we'll have to address what exactly we're doing along the way.  Windows are going out as well and new ones are on the way.  All the walls are lathe and plaster without insulation, so out the walls are going, leaving bare 2x4's to be insulated and drywalled.  You can't see the ceiling (lathe and plaster) except the very corner towards the middle of the pic, but around 1/4 of it is damaged from water, so that'll be taken out and evaluated damage-wise, scrubbing off mold damage from the flood where necessary.  Carpet's being replace with...something...I think we're deciding either carpet or hardwood floors.

Here's the dining room.  What's being done in the living room with the walls/ceiling is being done in here as well, sans the mold aspect.  Replacing the lone window to the left.  The hutch built into the wall will be moved from the dining room into another room, freeing up that space.  The protruding section to the right of the hutch is a chimney to the right/cabinets along the left...we're taking that out.  Carpet's being replaced.

So yep, we're going to be busy.  Hoping to finish it all before winter!  :D

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