November 8, 2010

as fall wanes, winter begins

Good morning to all my dear followers...

Just a couple things for an update.

I'm at 85 credits...getting closer to completion, and it'll pass by quicker than the blink of an eye.  (hey, he was a poet and didn't know it!)  After that, only the Lord coach and I have been having quite the profitable conversations as of late:  discussing that more importance needs placed upon the journey and not just the end-goal.  Seeing as I'm a rather long-term focused type of person (oh the ideas I have for the future!), I tend to get so caught up in what the Lord might hold ahead in life that the step-by-step, day-by-day details slip my focus.  Ergo, pragmatism receives a blow...

So, right now I'm working on Business Law II, after failing miserably on Business Law 1 last Friday.  Kinda depressing, but at the same time realizing that the Lord's in control and He has a bigger plan in mind for me not passing gives comfort.  From what other testers are saying on forums, it seems like BLII ranks up there in difficulty, but there ain't nothing that can't be overcome with perseverance, a plethora of study materials, and God's grace.  Besides that - 6 more tests, 2 courses, and 3 TECEP's.  Oh yeah...

Besides school, remodeling!

Here's the most recent picture captured...there's drywall where that empty section is on the ceiling to the right, btw.  Only a tad of a piece remains and the ceiling drywall's complete.   We hope.  ;)  Many thanks to John Creath for the help this past Saturday.

And for a random video.

That's it for now.

Au revior.

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